Let’s face it; we Americans love to eat, eat and eat some more. And that’s especially true when talking about sugar, candy, lollipops, chocolate bunnies, and so much more.  We also have to face that we have a real sugar addiction problem in our country. 

The pandemic did not help the situation either! The average American consumes over 17 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis. And that’s just your typical day. It feels like there a celebration of some kind or a holiday always around every corner. And Lord knows that I do love me some cake and cookies – confirming I’m a southern girl for sure. 

But as parents, should we give our children some treats in the Easter basket – a sweet basket filled with sugary candy. Well, as my mom has always said, the key is moderation.   

I know that the grocery store Industry uses research marketing to geet us to buy things that is not the best for you and me.  If you think we have seven major holidays New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Easter, 4th of July Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The food Industry knows our weakness. All of these Holidays have one thing in common how much we did eat in this country. But it not How much we eat but it is not healthy choices.  

I have tried to make some better choices when it comes to what I’m including in Carson’s Easter basket this year. We have our traditional items that we choose to do as well. So this year I  thought I would share a couple of cool ideas with you guys to get your juices flowing for your special Easter baskets. 

With so many things that you could include in your basket, I hope to give you some tips that will help you not feel overwhelmed as well as limit those surgery items. Remember, sometimes less is more! 

  1. First, start with a quality basket. Here’s one that I purchased a few years back that keeps me from having to buy a new basket each year. Hobby Lobby and Target have an assortment of great baskets to choose from.
  1. We want to make sure that Carson knows why we celebrate Easter and so, we get a book about Jesus to help teach him what Easter is really all about. One of the best books we have gotten Carson in the past is titled “God Gave Us Easter” by Lisa Tawn Bergram. These books are the best and the author has many different topics to choose from.
  1. Be sure to check out your local dollar store. Since everything is a dollar, you can find all kinds of items for children. With seasonal changes happening regularly, if you go throughout the year, you can get a great variety of items. I have gotten small puzzles, coloring books, crayons as well as different types of eggs.
  1. Your crafts store, such as Hobby Lobby, will have a holiday section that has a section filled with small toys. If you have children that love arts and crafts, there’s a great assortment of inexpensive items for you to purchase and include in their basket.
  2. Don’t forget the dollar section in Target! It’s great and contains lots of small toys and nic-nacks your child might really love – and for just a dollar!
  3. When you are getting ready to hide those eggs for the hunt, don’t forget to grab some gold eggs. Then put a few coins or even a few dollars in there. Everyone loves cold-hard-cash. Even the kids!
  4. Amazon – I love them! Who’s with me? My son LOVES construction trucks. And I was able to find these unique eggs that are filled with construction trucks! There are all kinds of various eggs stuffed with little niche toys that are as unique as your child for them to hunt and enjoy.
  5. Carson is Hispanic and so we are always looking for ways to include and celebrate his heritage. So each year we get him cascarones. I think these are his favorite parts of Easter! In case you don’t know, these eggs are filled with confetti and can bust them open on one another. It’s a lot of fun. But it’s also a tradition that promises good luck or a blessing to the person that gets hit by the egg. They also serve to represent the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter this year. Remember, it’s not about the Easter bunny but is about how God sent His Son to live a perfect life as an example for us and to die on the cross, atone for our sins, rise three days later and be your Savior. Happy Easter!

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