1. I love to travel, and only have a handful of states left that I haven’t seen.

I haven’t gone overseas just yet, but I would love to soon! My two favorite places to visit are Boston and Northwest Arkansas. I love Boston for it’s rich American history – and the Boston Red Sox, which is my second favorite baseball team. Boston is much more than a great tourist site to me though. Boston is the place I had my fourth heart surgery when I was six years old and where my life was, once again, saved. The doctors I saw at Boston Children’s Hospital where pioneers of new research at the time (and continue to be). And that research led to new treatments and technology that very literally saved my life. So Boston will always have a special place in my heart. And now to Northwest Arkansas! I absolutely fell in love with this part of the country while I worked summer camps there during my college years. It’s such a beautiful place. The Ozark Mountains are so very pretty in the fall. If you haven’t been, you need to make a trip as soon as you can – especially during the fall season.

2. I love to find hidden treasures.

I go to Canton, Texas as much has possible! If you aren’t from Texas, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. But if you are! 

Canton hosts the largest and oldest continually operated flea market in the United States. It makes me think of the old trade days in the Lone Star state. The women there will bring their own shopping carts and will run you clean over! With Canton only being about an hour and a half away from where I live, I love to go there to find a treasure and hear a great story behind my newly acquired item. 

We also have the Magnolia market just down the road in Waco, Texas. So I have been there a few times as well.

3. I like the Fort worth downtown (Sundance Square) much better than downtown Dallas.

If you are from the local DFW area, everyone has an opinion on which is better – Dallas or Fort Worth. Where would you want to hang out with your friends on a Saturday night. Many will say uptown Dallas, McKinney Square or the Denton Square. But for me, it’s Fort Worth all the way! 

I just love the culture and atmosphere found in Sundance Square. Fort Worth just has a very different vibe than that of Dallas, and I like it.

4. I’m an only children and I didn’t like it.

On my father’s side of the family, we have 10 only children in the family. And of all my cousins that are only children, I’m the only one that didn’t like it. I understand why parents only have one child, but I still wish I could have had a brother or sister.

5. I love to read – especially cook books.

I’m a nerd – I know. However, I love to get a new cook book and sit down to read it cover to cover. Eventually, if I find a minute or two, I’ll even grab the ingredients to make one of the recipes!

6. I love old style buildings or buildings that have a unique architecture.

Marty Leonard Chapel
Marty Leonard Chapel

There’s saying that “they made it better in the old days,” and I think that’s probably true! Old buildings that display beautiful artwork from floor to the ceiling are incredible. One of the main reasons I chose the gorgeous chapel Josh and I got married in was due to it’s a very unique and beautiful architectural style.

7. I love spending some time alone at the coffee house on Saturday morning.

You would think that I would rather sleep in on Saturday morning, but I usually wake up around 6:30 a.m. and get to the coffee house around 7. It gives me two hours of peace and quite and where I can write in my blog or work on my novel. I also love supporting my local coffee shop as well.

8. I love cold weather – not the hot Texas weather!

I used to love the hot summer weather of Texas when I was a kid, but now I really prefer colder weather. I love the beauty and feel of the fall when cool breeze blows through the trees as their leaves are changing color. It’s such a perfect time of the year.

9. I love Turkey Day – even more than Christmas.

While I love the meaning behind Christmas, I do love Thanksgiving all the more. While there’s so much busyness around Christmas time, Thanksgiving is about food and getting together with family and friends and relaxing. On top of that, I love cooking with my mom.

10. Josh and I met on online.

Yes, “this will be an everlasting love” – we met on Eharmony.

More and more people are meeting online each year, just like we did. While it’s not for everyone, it worked for us!

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