• Last night I left Carson’s ICU room after he had fallen asleep to try and find something respectable to eat at 9 p.m. in a hospital (which didn’t happen, by the way). And I was struck by how awkward this place that I used to work at only a short 3 years ago felt. The halls were
  • My birthday is coming in just over one short month with the reminder that one more year is in the books. In addition, I have recently watched as several people in my life have entered into retirement and have been in awe hearing the story of their professional lives. One dear colleague shared
  • The most important person in Carson’s life is undoubtably Katie, his momma. As his father, I know that to be completely the truth. My wife is amazing. She cares for our son in a loving and patient way that I can’t begin to even understand or duplicate. That said, as a father,

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