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Katie McLemore is a Jesus loving wife and mom living in Lewisville, Texas. Originally from Arlington, Texas, Katie has had an adventurous life.

Born with congenital heart disease, Katie spent a great deal of time in the hospital as a child. After many surgeries and a stroke at 3 years of age, Katie has proven herself to be an overcomer. Doctors once told her family that she would never walk or talk after her stroke, yet she went on to graduate high school and college … all while walking and talking!

Katie was a member of Grace Covenant Church in Arlington, Texas, from her childhood. And while she grew up in the church and knew about Jesus, she came to accept Him as her savior while in high school in 2004. Since that time, Jesus has been at the center of Katie’s life as she pursue’s His perfect love for her.

In 2009, Katie celebrated two major life events: she graduated college with her bachelors in childhood development and she met her, now husband, Josh. Soon after graduating, Katie moved to Amarillo for almost two years (a time she describes as “in the desert” … which is almost true) before moving back to the DFW area in 2011.

Katie spent several years working with children in various roles. In 2013, Katie founded and launched a non-profit organization called Camp Bethesda, a camp for kids with special needs. After three years as the executive director of Camp Bethesda, Katie resigned to take on the most important job she’s ever or will ever have … mom. In 2015, Katie and Josh adopted Carson, a baby boy born at just 24 weeks gestation. Carson weighed just under two pounds when born and was two months old when the couple met and adopted him. Carson spent a total of four months in the NICU at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, Texas. He was able to give Katie the very best birthday present, coming home on her 30 birthday.

Katie enjoys sharing time with friends, reading, writing, antiquing, drinking wine, eating great food and, most importantly, her time with Jesus. She hopes that you’ll be inspired toward love when reading about her life experiences here, on this blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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  • I love the theme song for the tv show Cheer’s. One line tells you all you need to know about the group: “where everybody knows your name.” Two years ago I took another job with the title “mom” and had to say goodbye to my “Cheers” group. That’s why it’s so sweet to be back with them again today. #businesswoman #localbusiness #plexusone
  • My husband is amazing after a long day a work. He told me get out of the house for a little bit. So I can finish my homework for this week bible study. Love you baby. #husbandandwife #love #nochildren #stayathomemom #momofboyslife #momofboys
  • Sometime life is not always happy. #lovejesus #happy
  • Football season is over. 😢 But who is read for baseball season?! While I like football, my true love is baseball. #baseball #baseballlove #football #texasrangers #homerun
  • This is why I wear red. I’m 1 in 110 people with congenital heart disease. I was 1 in 400,000 when I was born with CHD in 1986. I wear red because I survived five surgeries and a stroke. I wear red because some children don’t survive, but deserve to be remembered. For those parents that have a child that didn’t survive, know that the memory of their life  lives on. If you’re wearing red, why? If not, why not? #whyiwearred #chdwarrior #cdh #cdhsurvivor #chdawareness #heart #hearthealth #
  • Did you know that magnesium has many health benefits? Many of which you might not know about. For example, magnesium is better for your bones than calcium. 90% of Americans are magnesium deficient. Good news! Plexus Bio Cleanse is packed full of magnesium and helps get your digestion on track by speeding up the removal of harmful microbes and substances to support your body’s natural detoxification process. #biocleanse #healthylifestyle #gut #plexus #body
  • Good morning February! The month we’re animal comes out of a whole. My birthday and to top it all off,Love.  Before all that happens. This morning I’m thinking of my goals and what I want to accomplish this amazing month. #newmonth #love #heart #goals #february #bosslady #lovemylife
  • Do you have a truck in your closet? Because I do!! #boys #momboylife #trucks #playdevelopment #growingboy #lovemylife #toyseverywhere #momlife
  • Please wear red on Friday. I will be wearing red for all the survivors of congenital heart disease. #chdwarrior #childrenwithchd #chd #wearred #heart #friday #adultswithchd

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